Our team is passionate about championing teachers and creating powerful learning experiences.

  • Claire Alexander

    Claire Alexander

    Vice President, Marketing & Customer Experience
  • Jacqueline Arnold

    Jacqueline Arnold

    Office Manager
  • Lisa Bernstein

    Lisa Bernstein

    Literacy Consultant
  • Alison Bock

    Alison Bock

    Project Manager
  • Harsha Bonthu

    Harsha Bonthu

    Mobile Software Engineer
  • Daniel Bryant

    Daniel Bryant

    Software Engineer
  • Katherine Bussiere

    Katherine Bussiere

    Project Manager
  • Patrick Carroll

    Patrick Carroll

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Alix Guerrier

    Alix Guerrier

    President and Co-Founder
  • Betsy Haibel

    Betsy Haibel

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Manpreet Komal

    Manpreet Komal

    Senior QA Engineer
  • Nick Lewis

    Nick Lewis

    Director, Outreach and Partnerships
  • Ian Lotinsky

    Ian Lotinsky

    Vice President, Engineering
  • Dan Morse

    Dan Morse

    Project Manager
  • Boaz Munro

    Boaz Munro

    Content Lead
  • Nick Papacostas

    Nick Papacostas

    Software Engineer
  • Matt Scilipoti

    Matt Scilipoti

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Samin Soheili

    Samin Soheili

    Experience Designer
  • Jamel Stephens

    Jamel Stephens

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Charles Stuart-King

    Charles Stuart-King

    Director, Experience Design
  • Karen Talbert

    Karen Talbert

    Vice President, Sales
  • Huey Tran

    Huey Tran

    Project Manager
  • Eric Westendorf

    Eric Westendorf

    CEO and Co-Founder
  • Posie Wood

    Posie Wood

    Director, Professional Learning and Community